World MaJenDome Day

Me at Harlem Children's Zone Baby College Program
in August 2015 with #greatdads working on goal 3!
World MaJenDome Day - individuals and organizations finding ways to inspire fathers across the globe to consistently read to their children from the womb and throughout their kid's lives.  World MaJenDome Day will take place every third Wednesday of December.
According to 2010 worldwide statistics most births occur on Wednesday and in the month of August.  Making November the month when most conceptions take place and 3 to 6 weeks later when most men learn they will become a father.

15 December 2010 - First annual

21 December 2011 - Second annual
19 December 2012 - Third annual
18 December 2013 - Fourth annual
17 December 2014 - Fifth annual
16 December 2015 - Sixth annual 
21 December 2016 - Seventh annual