Father enrolled in  Casa de Los Ninos
Program in Arizona reading my book to his child.
1. By Carla
February 21, 2011
Washington Heights Man Lives His Dream of Reading to Unborn Babies
A dream led Elvin Freytes to try to build "MaJenDome," a movement of expectant dads reading to their unborn babies...MORE

March 2, 2011
Manhattan Man Says Reading To Babies In The Womb Increases Intellect...READ AND LISTEN TO INTERVIEW

3. By Tamara Walker, R.N., aka MomRN
January 23, 2012
 in Family
Ask Mom RN Show - Parenting Trends
Elvin R. Freytes is founder of the MaJenDome movement, which is dedicated to inspiring expectant fathers to read to their unborn child. His new book, Hello My Little One, It’s Me Your Father", is written as a poem for fathers to read to their... LISTEN TO INTERVIEW

4. By Great Dads Radio
April 2, 2013

On this episode of Great Dads Radio, the Dads will talk with The Founder of MaJenDome and Great Dad Author Elvin Freytes. Elvin will discuss his Educational book "Hello My Little One, It's Me Your Father" dedicated towards fathers reading to the womb. Elvin feels that if a father gets involved in... LISTEN TO INTERVIEW