Me at Harlem Children's Zone Baby College Program
in June 2015 with 13 #greatdads working on goal 3!
My goals, in no particular order, are to:
  1. Make the act of an expectant father consistently reading aloud to his children from the womb not just a good idea but an instinct. 
  2. Reduce the number of children growing up with absent fathers by inspiring expectant fathers to practice MaJenDome - read to the womb.
  3. Distribute my book for FREE to expectant fathers all over the world.
  4. Translate my book into all the languages of the world.
  5. Develop a record-able version of my book for expectant fathers whose work doesn't allow them to be home every day - for example, expectant fathers in the military, international business and sports.
  6. Have World MaJenDome Day recognized by all governments.
  7. Add the word MaJenDome to the English dictionary.
  8. Create a longitudinal research study analyzing the possible effects of expectant fathers reading to the womb. 
  9. Create an annual fundraising event on World MaJenDome Day to pay for the distribution of free books to expectant fathers.
  10. Develop a TV commercial that inspires expectant fathers to practice MaJeDome.
  11. Inspire artists to create art, films, shows, books, dance, etc. that inspires expectant fathers to practice MaJenDome.