Expectant father enrolled in  Casa de Los Ninos
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Below are possible benefits of fathers reading to their children from the very beginning.  First, here are some tips on how to read aloud:  

  1. Ask mother-to-be if she agrees to womb reading
  2. Set nightly bedtime story start time 
  3. Choose reading material
  4. Choose comfortable location
  5. Read slowly and clearly
  6. Read with emotion
  7. Read close to the womb
  8. Read consistently 
See Help Me Get Ready To Read for more tips and recommended books.

Possible Benefits:
  1. Develops bedtime reading habit to continue after birth
  2. Stronger bond between father, mother and child
  3. Calms and soothes mother and child
  4. Positive context for father to partake in pregnancy experience 
  5. Increase in father involvement while raising child
  6. Increase in child's intellectual development